Challenges Faced By Food Delivery Boys In Brooklyn

The advent of the 21st century has changed the way of business doing; food and restaurant business is no exception to this phenomenon. The concept of brick and mortar eateries are now being supported with the home delivery concept. Today, almost every restaurant operating in any part of this world has its own food delivery boys to support their business in this regard. As it is said, every new change has both positive and negative aspects and the same applies to the food delivery system as well. Though, the delivery mechanism has helped people receive the food of their choice from their favored restaurants at their comfort and is also helping many people earn a living through this. But, the same system is posing many challenges to the guys responsible for delivering food at the home of customers. The problem is pretty similar to all the places, but, below the things are discussed from the perspective of Brooklyn.

Brooklyn is a borough of New York and is a cosmopolitan hub, allowing people from every nook and corner of this planet to come and realize their dream of 'Big Apple'. This diverse assimilation of people has lead to establishing Brooklyn as a global food hub. Here restaurants serve every cuisine available on the face of this Earth. Being one of the busiest cities of this planet, restaurants of Brooklyn also have the home delivery facility to help their customers in the best possible way. As said above, the basic of the delivery system lies with the delivery boys, who are responsible for delivering food at the comfort of customer in stipulated time. We always get so consumed with our things that we seldom see the problems faced by these delivery boys. 
We as people of Brooklyn, after receiving our order like Crown Fried Chicken or any other dishes, get indulged in enjoying and devouring the same with our loved ones, without even caring about the problems faced by the delivery guys to make this possible. Often, we complain about the delayed arrival of food. But, had we paid any heed to the amount of labor and hurdles faced by these delivery people to deliver food items, we would not complain at all. The problems and challenges faced by delivery guys are not a one-time thing. It is faced by them regularly and in spite of that, they imply their best effort to get our desired food delivered on time at our comfort zone. So, without any further wait, let's look at some major challenges faced by the delivery boys usually in Brooklyn.

1. Climatic Conditions:

crown fried chicken delivery and brooklyn weather

The climate of Brooklyn is not that favorable for food delivery boys, especially during the winter, when there is heavy snowfall. More often, the delivery person has to traverse on their scooters or two-wheeler to deliver the food at the destination. During snowfall, the roads become very slippery and there is a very high probability of slipping on these snowy roads. Also, in the case of such an incident, the delivery person didn't get any kind of compensation. To avoid such an incident, the guy must drive with extra precaution and that may cause a delay in the delivery time. Apart from these, mostly delivery guys need to carry heavy bags full of orders on their back, which makes it tougher to drive in such pathetic weather conditions. So, next time, when you complain about the delay of order, do think twice and show compassion and regard for getting the food delivered amid the worst of climatic conditions.

2. Fake Currency:

fake currency at food delivery

This is another challenging situation that is faced by the delivery guys in Brooklyn. The scam of fake currency is a global problem and Brooklyn is also not untouched by this. Many a time, especially in remote areas, the delivery boy receive fake currency now and then. The similarity of that fake one with original makes it impossible to establish the difference and hence they fall prey to this scam. Suppose someone has ordered Crown Fried Chicken for $30 and that person produces $50 fake currency, so the delivery guy not only provides food but also the rest $20 change in return. When the same $50 bill is given to the restaurant owner and he/she recognizes that then the whole responsibility falls on the food delivery person and he has to pay the amount from his own pocket. Howsoever the situation may look trivial and small in nature but think from the perspective of the delivery person, who has not only been cheated but also has to compensate for the monetary loss.

3. Burglary And Ransack:

burglary and ransack on food delivery

It is one of the common problems faced by the food delivery boys in Brooklyn. They often come across people who not only snatch the food for free but also loot their money and other prized possessions. In some cases, it had been heard in the past that the delivery guys were physically assaulted as well. The case is not prevalent in every part of Brooklyn, but we do have to accept that this happens in some areas on a regular basis. In these situations, the whole burden of loss is bored by the food delivery person, which is a major jolt to their earning along with physical well being.

4. Timely delivery:

on time food delivery

Only the weather is not the sole factor to hamper the timely food delivery by the delivery guy, sometimes it is people like you and me who became responsible for this mishap. It has been seen that some people have the habit of either not receiving the call on time or even after receiving they take too much time to come and receive the order. This unnecessarily delays the delivery time of other orders. Also, it's not a viable option for the delivery boy to step inside the building by leaving behind his scooter and a bag full of other orders. The chances of theft in some locality in such a scenario is very high. So, he has no other option than to wait for the person to come down receive the order. We are humans, so we must understand other's situations and problems too and rather than causing the problem to people like delivery guys, we should be upfront and receive the orders on time. This is the least that can be done for the food delivery guys from our side! 

5. No Tip For The Delivery Service:

online food delivery without tip

In most cases either there is a very little tip or no tip at all for the services provided by the food delivery boys. We must understand that the delivery workers are the street-level manifestation of an overturned industry, as restaurants are forced to become e-commerce businesses that outsource it to a fleet of freelancers in the form of delivery guys. So, most of the guys are paid very less for their delivery services, so it must be our moral responsibility to help them with whatever little possible from our side. Not just to show our generosity but also on humanitarian ground.

6. Competition From The Third Party Delivery Apps:

There has been a boom in food delivery apps in recent times. These apps collaborate with local restaurants to deliver their orders to the customer at a very reasonable price. This is posing a great threat to the individual food delivery boys in the city. Though the situation is not critical at this moment, very soon it can leave them jobless, because services offered and the price is very lucrative to attract restaurant owners to associate with them and dismantle their own delivery process.
food delivery boy fired

So, here we are at the end of this article. I just hope the readers will find it enlightening and will understand the gravity of different situations, which are overcome by food delivery guys, to deliver food at our homes. We must look at things from the humanitarian aspect and show some compassion and gratitude towards them for their services. Next time, when your food is little to you, then do remember points highlighted above and avoid any unnecessary questions and arguments. Being a little polite and humble is going to cause no harm! I know the case is not the same for everyone, many of us do follow these already, to all such people, cheers and have a good day!